Kaeli Ona

A healer/vet/midwife/wisewoman - name translates as 'gentle gift'


Kaeli is a simple-looking half-elf with straight, strawberry blonde hair usually kept tidy in a plait or bun, and grey-green eyes. She is pale and quiet and unadorned with simple, modest dress and practical outlook. She is always carrying a pack containing medical supplies and tea-making equipment. Kaeli’s moods roughly equate to tired or energetic. Otherwise she maintains a constant state of slight anxiety and sympathy for others. She lives by her ideals of protecting, healing and defending others and supporting their relationships and mental wellbeing. Beneath her devoted exterior is a vein of bitterness that she has never seen the world, found love for herself or been acknowledged for her work, but she views her purpose in life as meant to be, not by the Gods, who she scarcely believes in, but in the way that sheep are meant to be herbivores and wolves hunters. She is difficult to shake, extremely patient and cool under pressure, but a worrywort when left in peace, and may panic if approached sexually. A chronic over-thinker when given nothing to do, she will always look for practical ways to help or move forward in a situation, and generally believes in a ‘have a cuppa and move on’ way of dealing with her own upsetting experiences. She enjoys drinking tea and making new tea blends, meeting people’s children and pets, and learning to understand unusual people. Quirks include brewing tea and forgetting it, forgetting to eat before doing things, and washing her hands before doing anything.


Kaeli grew up fast and began serving her community young, while her parents were always too busy with similar chores and perceived her as too capable to need much help. Her homeland is a small remote farming village called Rustin, mainly populated by humans, cows sheep and cats. The closest larger town is the dock trading town of Falondeer. Her mother allowed her to act as an apprentice as soon as she could walk and carry things, and taught her most of her practical healing skills before she died of the same plague that killed the town doctor and Kaeli’s father. After her parents’ and the doctor’s death, Kaeli capably stepped up to care for the sick townsfolk and has remained in the role of doctor, counsellor and vet ever since. The townsfolk relied on her and expected the most of her, viewing her as somewhat indestructible. During their life her parents taught Kaeli to value responsibility and peace, and told stories of her irresponsible aunt who ran off with a gypsy, condemning this unthinking behaviour. Kaeli is both curious about and in awe of the adventures her aunt and cousins might have had, and condemning of their lack of caring and responsibility for any stable community.

Some families in the larger town nearby of Falondeer heard of Kaeli and also called upon her to help them, asking her to tend and tutor sick children and heal pets. In this capacity at the age of 12 Kaeli came across the girl Aoife, approximately her own age but unusual and a problem for her rich merchant parents, who wanted Kaeli to teach Aoife to be more lady-like, and cure any ailment that stood in the way of ladylike behaviour. Kaeli found that she could not and Aoife would scarcely talk to her, unlike most other children she had met. This aroused her curiosity, but shortly after Aoife’s parents decided that Kaeli was not helping and chose to send Aoife away and terminate Kaeli’s employment.

Sometimes locals took advantage of Kaeli’s constant wish to offer assistance and care. This included Garen, the local blacksmith, who called her out to attend to a sick pig but used the opportunity to force himself on her in the stables. Kaeli has had to learn to read people better and refuse help when it is not really needed. Recently her two eldest and more outgoing and forceful younger sisters have grown old enough to train and take her place. She has always cared for her siblings but has recently also found safe employment for her sickly asthmatic brother Cal as an apprentice shoe-maker. Her other brothers are readily occupied running the family farm, so having taught her more outgoing sisters Phylys and Shor to handle the requirements of healing in Rustin, both animal and humanoid, Kaeli now feels redundant in Rustin. She has decided to leave to seek a new place of employment where she might not be so well known for going unnoticed, will not have to encounter Garen and perhaps will find out the whereabouts of the strange girl, Aoife, whom she is so curious about and concerned for. Secretly she also hopes that she might meet someone who knows of her infamous aunt and can tell her of any wild, adventurous cousins she might have.

Kaeli is a capable midwife, healer, and grief counsellor, with the less advertised abilities to perform abortions and defend against attackers of innocents with endurance and a heavy staff. She is envious of those with a freer life who live for themselves and find adventure and love, but cares too much for the troubles of others to travel purely in search of excitement.

Kaeli Ona

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